Two of the most common career paths for art graduates are to pursue one specific medium through independent contracting and commission work or join a larger company or firm. Many also join creative branches of marketing ... More »

Art is a broad professional field with careers ranging from graphic design and 3D modeling to fashion and interior design. Depending on their interests, artists may develop skills that involve working with physical media... More »

The Interlochen Center for the Arts offers classes in artistic fields including Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Theater as of 2015. Each class is designed with a particular age group in mind, ranging from... More »

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A career cluster is a group of industries and career paths in those industries. They must be closely related to one another, either by skills or by the products. Each cluster has its own pathways that are focused on cour... More »

While individuals entering a career in banking take several different career paths, the first month on the job includes on-the-job training. Tellers learn to verify signatures and balance cash drawers. They learn to use ... More »

There are many different career paths that involve working with children, including teaching, coaching and childcare. Some of the most common careers that often include work with children can be found in the educational,... More »

Potential career options for graduates who majored in environmental science include agricultural scientist, higher education teacher, chemical engineer, environmental biologist and air and water quality manager. Work opt... More »