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As of 2015, some Army National Guard locations in Georgia include the cities of Marietta, Savannah, Augusta, Macon and Douglas. A few are specifically Georgia National Guard units, such as those in Marietta and Douglas, while others are U.S. or Army National Guard, such...


Army unit patches denote the headquarters to which a soldier is assigned, and the patches are required on every U.S. Army uniform. These patches are generally placed on the upper arm of uniforms and are also known as shoulder sleeve insignias. The division insignias for...


The U.S. Army has a multitude of rules in place for the proper use and display of its patches and insignia. Complicating matters is that those rules fluctuate frequently, with a major change in combat patch display being adopted in March 2014, according to About.com.


The two ways to join the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard are as a prior-service airman or as a basic trainee. Recruiters assist basic trainees in the process of joining the Air Force and becoming a member of the honor guard. Prior service applicants must have their chain of ...


The National Guard is one of the United States' most significant military reserve elements. It is called upon in times of hostility to supplement regular forces in multiple arms of service. In addition to acting in this capacity, National Guard units also fulfill state ...


Patches on the shoulders of army unit uniforms signify the soldier's membership in a particular unit and the unit's type of military service. Army shoulder patches vary in shape, color and design depending on the particular unit.


The closest location of a U.S. Army National Guard recruiting office is available via the National Guard's website. Consumers may also search for the nearest location by entering "National Guard" into a web-based map for directions.