The National Guard is one of the United States' most significant military reserve elements. It is called upon in times of hostility to supplement regular forces in multiple arms of service. In addition to acting in this ... More »

As of 2015, some Army National Guard locations in Georgia include the cities of Marietta, Savannah, Augusta, Macon and Douglas. A few are specifically Georgia National Guard units, such as those in Marietta and Douglas, ... More » Government & Politics Military

The closest location of a U.S. Army National Guard recruiting office is available via the National Guard's website. Consumers may also search for the nearest location by entering "National Guard" into a web-based map for... More » Government & Politics Military

Joining the National Guard involves signing a contract and taking an oath, making it highly difficult and at times impossible to de-enlist or quit, so retracting an enlistment into the National Guard or Reserves requires... More »

Title 32 of U.S. code 323 stipulates that when a member of the National Guard ceases being a member according to section 301, the member's federal recognition is withdrawn. Failure to attend required National Guard weeke... More »

To join the National Guard, age, education, citizenship and health requirements must be met, an application must be completed, and the prospect must meet with a recruiter. Next, the prospect must take the Armed Services ... More » Government & Politics Military

As of 2015, the entry-level pay for an E1 recruit in basic training in the Army National Guard is $16,401, according to The factors that affect an increase in pay include level of education, location and year... More » Government & Politics Military