Filing a congressional complaint means consulting a member of congress and asking him or her to put forth the issue that you have raised for debate in Congress. This is normally one of the avenues that members of the arm... More »

Members of the U.S. military can initiate a congressional inquiry about any aspect of their military service by sending a written request with their name, Social Security number, rank, assigned duty station, address and ... More »

To write a letter to a member of Congress, the writer should outline the letter by stating the purpose, personalizing the letter, supporting the stance and making the request. It is important to remain courteous and clea... More »

While the United States Constitution grants Congress power to do many things, examples of what they are prohibited from doing is the grant or issue of a title of nobility to any person or pass laws restricting religious ... More »

A Congress member acts a trustee by acting in the best interest of the people he or she represents. A trustee is a person who is legally appointed to manage someone's affairs when that person is physically or mentally un... More »

Members of Congress have five roles they are expected to assume throughout their terms: legislator, representative, committee member, servant of their constituents and politician. Each role entails specific responsibilit... More »

A member of Congress acts as a delegate by voting according to the instructions of his electorate without regard for his own conscience. Members of Congress usually do not employ the delegate model of representation. Ins... More »