A stuffed armadillo is the skin of a dead armadillo that has been preserved, mounted and stuffed using the art of taxidermy to simulate a live armadillo. Alternatively, the phrase "stuffed armadillo" can be used to refer... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

To trap an armadillo, set up a cage-style box trap near its burrow. This style of trap is both humane and effective. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure

Armadillos are subject to leprosy and are one of the few nonhuman species affected. Armadillos also serve as a natural reservoir for Chagas disease, a tropical disease caused by microscopic parasites. More » Pets & Animals Mammals
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Moles have eyes, but they are very small and are sometimes covered by skin or hair. The mole's eyesight and sensitivity to light control its body clock, allowing it to know the time of day and seasons. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

Although initial signs of pregnancy are difficult to detect, Loving Your Pet explains that pregnant guinea pigs drink more water and grow larger; however, pregnancy cannot be confirmed until the latter stages when her yo... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

Steps involved in taxidermy include removing and preserving the animal's skin; photographing the animal's body; taking measurements of its body parts; using excelsior, wire and string to recreate the carcass; and making ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure

American Taxidermy Online and Old Heritage Taxidermy are two online taxidermy schools available to those who would like to learn the art of taxidermy from home. American Taxidermy Online was the first taxidermy school to... More » Education Colleges & Universities