An interesting fact about Arizona is that the name originated from two separate Papago Indian words, one meaning "young spring" and the other "little spring." More interesting facts about Arizona are listed at Atozkidsst... More » Geography United States

Some facts about Surprise, Arizona include that it has a population, as of June 2015, of more than 120,000 people, and it is 45 minutes away from downtown Phoenix. Mountain park lands, a regional lake and open desert sur... More » Geography United States The West

Some facts about Eastern Arizona College are that the college offers a variety of educational degrees and certifications and that the 1927 men's basketball team recorded a perfect season with 33 wins and no losses. Since... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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The largest river in New England, River Connecticut, gave the state its name. Connecticut comes from the Mohegan Native American word, "Quinnehtukqut" that means "Long River Place" or "Beside the Tidal River." More » Geography United States

One interesting fact about the Rocky Mountains is that it is actually series of over 100 separate mountain ranges, not just one continuous mountain chain. Another interesting fact is that the mountains themselves are not... More » Geography United States

An interesting fact about Tubac, Arizona, is that a Spanish Jesuit priest named Father Francisco Kino came to this area in the 1690s and built a mission and also established ranches and farms. Prior to this time, the ind... More » Geography United States The West

Arizona's diverse landscape provides habitats for several unique animals, including elk, mountain lions, bobcats, ringtail cats and desert bighorn sheep. Desert creatures such as tarantulas, rattlesnakes and scorpions ar... More » Pets & Animals Mammals