You can use Argo & Kingsford's cornstarch in a variety of recipes ranging from savory main dishes such as Asian beef skewers to flavorful side dishes such as glazed sweet potatoes. Also use cornstarch in dessert recipes ... More »

The vanilla shortbread cookie recipe from Epicurious and the lemon meltaway cookie recipe from MyRecipes are examples of cookie recipes that include cornstarch as an ingredient. Both recipes are highly rated and easy to ... More »

White sauce, also known as Bechamel, consists of a roux of butter and flour with milk whisked into it. The Food Network and Betty Crocker provide recipes on their websites. More »

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Modified corn starch, also called modified food starch, is used by food manufacturers as a substitute for flour or cornstarch as a thickener, emulsifier or stabilizer in food products. Some examples are ClearJel, Instant... More »

High fructose corn syrup is made by milling cornstarch from corn, combining the cornstarch with water, and adding an enzyme to shorten the starch's glucose chain. A second enzyme is added to produce glucose, and a third ... More »

The ToastMaster Bread Machine is capable of making a variety of breads such as regular loafs and pizza crust. The ToastMaster is also capable of making basic universal bread machine recipes. More »

You can prepare a wide variety of types of recipes in an Oster bread maker, including frozen berry jam and butter rolls. An Oster bread maker is useful for more than just bread recipes because it shares functions with mi... More »