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Treating Blood Blisters on the Feet. If you miss the blister prevention boat and end up with a blood blister, do all the normal things for blister treatment. But now, preventing infection really is your priority! Consider the options below, depending on your blister location, the environment you're in and what gear you have access to.


But if you need to pop a blister: ... How Can I Prevent Blisters? Wear work gloves. Jobs you do only occasionally, such as shoveling snow or raking leaves, are great for raising a blister or two.


Usually, you should avoid popping a blood blister and try to let it heal on its own. Popping a blood blister can lead to infection and disrupt the healing process. If the blood blister is in a place where you cannot avoid putting pressure on it and is painful, ask your doctor about getting it drained.


A blister is a small vesicle filled with fluid that forms under the skin after rubbing, a pinch, a sunburn, or burn. When filled with blood, it means that the wound is deeper and has caused small blood vessels to rupture – but the blood stays trapped under the skin, like when you pinch a finger in a door or accidentally hit it with a hammer.


You should not pop a blister because it can introduce bacteria into the sore and cause an infection in the wound or blood stream. If it pops on its own, use an antibacterial ointment and cover it ...


1 Don't Pop the Blister. The only reason to pop a blister is when pressure will cause the blister to spread; if the blister is not going to spread due to pressure, leave it alone. A wound heals faster in a moist environment than when dried out.Likewise, popping a blister is a bad idea as a blister will heal faster and better when left intact.


Should you pop a blister or leave it alone? If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely? Source(s): ... The blister may look bad but you should not pop the blister, if you do so you have to suffer pain for a day or today. The liquid inside it is natural, and current it healing your wound. So wait!!.


So NO, you should not pop blood blisters. Blisters should be left to heal on their own. Unless they are caused by an underlying medical condition, you should let the blister to heal on its own. Unless you have a weak or compromised immune system, a blood blister will often heal within a week or two. They can be painful while they heal bit there ...


This is the first thing that you should remember if you get a blood blister. People often pop a blood blister and it’s the most common mistake made. Blood blisters are no more series than a bruise. Place a bandage on the blistered area to keep it from bursting when you are doing work and if possible keep the blood blister elevated.