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Virtual Elementary School: Should You Enroll Your Kids? For different personal reasons, many parents are leaning toward online classes for their kids. But is online education the best academic ...


Are virtual schools good for kids? These questions and observations may come up when considering a virtual school and some research has been done. Connections Academy, a national online public school, states that there were 315,000 students in full-time online school in the 2013-2014 school year. Various studies have been done on online schools ...


Do your research. Your school district might offer a free, public virtual school. But you have other choices as well. K12 offers both public and private virtual schools all over the country. The Keystone School (part of a K12 company) is a private online school for middle and high school.


It’s a trend cropping up all over the nation: virtual schools. From distance learning in colleges, right down to K-12 education, virtual schools are gaining popularity among parents and students alike who view online classes as a wave of the future, and as an alternative to traditional public schooling.


Forest Trail Academy is a fully accredited, online elementary school for grade levels Kindergarten – 5th. We offer interactive, wider range of coursework to the elementary online school students who can complete the elementary education online while working at their own pace.


Some 40,000 to 50,000 students in 37 states are enrolled in virtual schools, according to the US Department of Education. That's a pretty broad category, though.


On average, public virtual schools receive approximately 30% less funding than traditional schools. Unlike traditional public schools, most public virtual schools do not receive local property taxes. The majority of costs in a high-quality public virtual school go directly to student instruction. Teachers are often the highest expense category.


A virtual online high school enables a student to tackle a wide range of course work that may not be offered in a public school setting. These are just a few of the reasons students all over the country are taking online virtual high school courses to graduate or keep up with their studies.


Every year, hundreds of parents pull their kids out of traditional schools and enroll them in virtual programs. How do online elementary schools benefit children and their families? Why are parents so eager to remove their kids from the system that has worked for decades? Here are some of the most common reasons:


Our family includes 4 kids, 2 of school age. Our kids had been in public schools, but when we moved – we weren’t impressed with the public options available to us. We decided to go the charter ...