Several names have different meanings depending on the gender and original language of the name. Examples of names with several meanings include Noah, Ava, Ella, Owen and Eli. More »

The German surname Braun means "brown," while Fischer is the equivalent of the English "fisher," and Meer means "from by the sea." Some origins of German surnames include physical features, occupations or geographic loca... More » Education

Rosebud is the name of the sled given to Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) by the character's mother which represents childhood comfort, security and innocence, according to SparkNotes. The sled is the last object Kane ... More »

Some masculine Wiccan or Pagan names include Abasi, which means "stern" or "stoic" and Ymir, which is a name from Old Norse mythology. Girls Wiccan or Pagan names include, A'ala, which means "fragrant" and Hilda, which m... More »

Four of the most popular names of early 2015 are Liam and Noah for boys, and Emma and Olivia for girls. Liam means "strong-willed warrior" or "protector," while Noah is Hebrew for "rest" and "comfort." Olivia is taken fr... More » Education

Some male Irish names are Caedmon, meaning "wise warrior," and Maddox, meaning "benevolent" and "compassionate." Some female Irish names are Niamh, the name of an Irish sea god's daughter that means "beauty," and Sairose... More » Education

Maximilian, Lucas, Fabian, Alexander, Ben, Luis, Paul, Jonas, Marco and David rank as some of the typical German names for boys. Emma, Sofia, Leonie, Anna, Lena, Emily and Luisa top the list as some of the most common Ge... More » Education