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How To Use Buyer's Remorse Laws To Correct (Some Of) Your Own Stupidity. Chris Muller. Written by. ... I’ve learned more about buyer’s remorse laws. Yes, there are laws that can actually protect us against something as silly as buyer’s remorse. ... Buyer’s remorse on a car. Buying a car is a big deal. It’s an emotional purchase.


Are There Buyer's Remorse Laws for Automobiles? Dealers are not legally required to take back a vehicle if the buyer's reason for the return is simple remorse. However, the buyer may be granted a return if something is mechanically wrong with the vehicle or if the sale involved unfair sales tactics.


However, not all state laws are the same. Although buyer's remorse looks similar (think glum face, ache in the stomach) from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Portland, Oregon, there is no generic formula for building a buyer's remorse law.


No, there is no buyer's remorse law on the purchase of any new car in any state. Once you buy the car it is yours, and it becomes a used car the moment you sign the contract and drive away.


State-mandated lemon laws may allow you to cancel an auto purchase contract but are not the same as buyer's remorse laws. Lemon laws only apply to mechanically faulty vehicles. Returning a vehicle often is a lengthy process, as you must give the dealer -- and possibly the manufacturer -- multiple chances to repair the vehicle before requesting a refund.


Is there a return law that covers returning a used purchased car in Wisconsin. I have lived in states where there are laws that allow consumers to return without cost within a 3 day period. Is this tr … read more


There is no buyer's remorse law about cars in Ontario. You are bound to buy the car but you are not bound to pay for the extended warranty and you can certainly take that position and the sales manager knows that. I suggest going above his head if you need to do so.


There is not a buyer's remorse law for car purchases, unless it fits under the defects protected by the Lemon Law, or the Salesperson comes to your house, a hotel, or place other than normal ...


automobiles, vans, trucks, or other motor vehicles sold at temporary locations if the seller has at least one permanent place of business; arts or crafts sold at fairs or places like shopping malls, civic centers, and schools.


In situations where there is a clear problem with a new car, the dealer will often fix it under warranty. If no warranty exists, as with many used cars, you can still lobby to have the car fixed.