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Green Tea Side Effects And Who Must Not Consume It ... Such people should limit green tea consumption to at most 2 cups per day. The time of drinking green tea is also crucial. Side Effects Of Green Tea ... drinking more than 2 cups of green tea per day has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage and other negative effects. Caffeine ...


Green tea is generally safe for healthy people to consume. If you're on any medications, however, or have any illnesses, check with your doctor before drinking it. Green tea may create problems if you're taking stimulants, hormones, antibiotics, blood thinners, certain asthma medications or any drug that poses a risk of liver damage.


Many of the negative side effects of consuming green tea are associated with its caffeine content, including headache, nervousness, trouble falling asleep, vomiting and diarrhea, according to WebMD. Other negative side effects include irregular heartbeat, irritability, tremors, convulsion and general confusion.


There are green tea side effects and disadvantages that new drinkers should be aware of. Before you begin a tea diet, read this guide to avoid nasty surprises. When I first started this site, I decided to investigate the side effects of drinking tea.


Hence, if someone has side effects with green tea, it is either because they consumed it in excess, or had a low-quality tea, or are caffeine sensitive. Most probably. Back To TOC. The Side Effects Of Green Tea. Are there any side effects of green tea? You might be wondering why green tea is bad for you, well check out for yourself here.


Negative effects of green tea isn’t really a common topic. It’s usually the other way around. But that’s not to say that there aren’t any possible side effects. If you have concerns, it would be best to speak to your doctor before starting to drink green tea. The following are some possible side effects of green tea. 1.


Anything in excess is bad- as goes the saying. So also the green tea. It has become very popular over the other variants of tea because of its many beneficial properties. The most popular being its ability to increase metabolism and reduce weight ...


Ginger tea doesn’t seem to have serious side effects. For one thing, it would be difficult to drink enough of the tea to expose yourself to anything irritating or harmful.


11 Side Effects of Hibiscus Tea: 1. Lowering Our Blood Pressure. Low blood pressure patients are strongly suggested not to drink hibiscus tea. Based on a study in Tufts University by Diane Mckay showed that blood pressure of people who consume hibiscus tea in a daily basis drop 7.2 points in their systolic blood pressure.


While it's possible that drinking any form of green tea may enhance your overall health, we can't be as solid about matcha since there's a lack of clinical trials (the kind of research you'd want to see to put full stock in a treatment). If you prefer the taste of regular green tea, there's no reason to switch right now.