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Although there are no exact equivalent batteries to the CR2025, there are multiple batteries that may act as suitable substitutions. The CR2016 and CR2032 are exchangeable with the CR2025, but users must consider space limitations. The CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032 cell batteries all have the same voltage.


>There are deferances in battery current CR2032 is double the CR2025, and in the > dimentions (especialy in width) 2,5mm CR2023 and 3,2mm the CR2032 one! There are differences in the capacity as well. ... Battery Difference between CR2032 and CR2025: ejk...@gmail.com:


These CR2025 and CR2032 are both 3V lithium batteries that are identical in diameter. When I returned home, I actually found an unopened pack of CR2025 batteries in the kitchen cabinet so I did a side-by-side comparison.. So what’s the difference between the CR2025 and the CR2032?. As it turns out, the only thing that differs between these batteries is thickness (and hence capacity).


The CR2025 and CR2032 are both 3V button cells, have identical diameters but the 2032 is 3.2mm thick while the 2025 is 2.5mm thick. With just 0.7mm of difference, for as long as either fits in the battery compartment, they can be used interchangea...


I ordered five CR2025 batteries on ebay for my Canon Optura 20 camcorder, whose CR2025 backup battery died. Ebay auction page I got a letter in the mail with 5 CR2016 cells, not the 5 CR2025 cells I expected. Unless I'm mistaken, these cells have rather different specifications. Even the...


This article lists the sizes, shapes, and general characteristics of some common primary and secondary battery types in household and light industrial use.. Historically the term "battery" referred to a collection of electrochemical cells connected in series, however in modern times the term has come to refer to any collection of cells (or single cell) packaged in a container with extern...


Button Battery Cross Reference Guide Model Recommended Dimensions Height Nominal Capacity Energizer Applications Diameter (mm) (mm) Voltage (V) (mAh) (Everready) ... Memory 2.5 3.0 150 CR2025 CR2025 DL2025 E-CR2025 CR2025 CR2025 SB-T14 280-205 – CR2025 Backup 1.6 3.0 80 CR2016 CR2016 DL2016 E-CR2016 CR2016 CR2016 SB-T11 280-206 FA CR2016


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cr1616: cr2016: cr2025: cr2032: 23a: rayovac: kecr1616-1: kecr2016-1: kecr2025-1: kecr2032-1: ke23a-1: duracell: dl1616b: dl2016b: dl2025b: dl2032b: mn21b: energizer ...


What's the difference between a CR2025 and DL2025 battery? Lithium cell, 3V. I was replacing the battery in a remote control for my portable DVD player. I replaced a CR2025 with a new DL2025 I found laying around my house. I knew it would work, but all I want to know is what's the difference between the CR and DL and which one will last ...