Spiders are carnivorous animals, eating insects such as flies, moths, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos and even other spiders. Some species, such as the tarantula and the Goliath bird eater, are large enough to eat small ro... More »

The word "carnivore" can refer to one of two things: a predatory animal or mammals that are classified as members of the order Carnivora. Most members of Carnivora are flesh-eating, so listing these animals as examples w... More »

Whales are carnivores, meaning that they subsist entirely on a diet of meat. Whales are part of a larger order of animals called cetaceans, which also includes dolphins and porpoises. All cetaceans are carnivorous animal... More »

The banana spider preys upon a wide variety of smaller insects that include flies, stink bugs, wasps, mosquitoes, bees, butterflies and moths. Some banana spiders have also been observed eating dragonflies and beetles. T... More »

Spiders are carnivores that prey on insects and other spiders. Spiders will eat almost anything they can catch, including flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, crickets and moths. More »

Garden spiders eat flying insects like gnats, flies, mosquitoes and bees. These spiders are known for making sticky, orb-like webs that catch their prey as it flies into them. More »

Frogs prefer to eat live or dead insects such as crickets, flies, waxmoth larvae, slaters, small cockroaches, locusts, moths or bloodworms. These insects can be purchased from a pet store, or they can be caught in the wi... More »