While pretzels contain one-tenth the amount of fat found in potato chips, they offer no nutritional value. They are high in sodium, with one serving providing 25 percent of a person's suggested daily sodium allowance. Mo... More »

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The original Chex party mix is a combination of three Chex cereals, mixed nuts, bite-sized pretzels and bite-sized bagel chips. The party mix is seasoned with butter or margarine, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonin... More »

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Potato chips have different levels of grease depending on the brand, flavor and type. Many potato chip companies offer low-fat or reduced-fat options, which are less greasy compared to regular potato chips. More »

Ruffles, Lay's, Utz, Cape Cod and Pringles are some popular national brands of potato chips, while Ballreich's, Zapp's, Dieffenbach's and Great Lakes Potato Chip Company are some regionally recognized brands. Ruffles and... More »

On Rachel Ray’s website, an individual can find a list of the best-tasting baked potato chips. The first three that are listed are Lay’s brand plain ripples, Kettle brand extra crunchy sour cream and onion, and Kettle br... More »

As of June 2015, some popular flavors for Lay's potato chips are classic, salt and vinegar, barbecue, and sour cream and onion. These are the best-selling and most favored Lay's chips sold online at Walmart and Amazon.co... More »

Amazon.com, Lucky Vitamin, Blain's Farm and Fleet, and Swanson Health Products are Internet retailers that sell round pretzels. IHerb, Jet.com and Target also sell round pretzels. More »