Foxes are mostly nocturnal, but they can and do come out during the daytime hours, if necessary, to find food or because their dens are disturbed. Those in urban areas may be more prone to seeing foxes in the daytime bec... More »

Foxes live in burrowed dens that they build underground; in warmer weather, foxes live in hollow areas above ground. Foxes are solitary animals, but they live together as a family during breeding season. More »

To protect themselves from predators, red foxes build burrows and dens in grasslands. Sometimes young red fox pups are often snatched up by predators, but they mostly stay in the dens and are protected by their family. T... More »

Foxes typically sleep in dens, especially when they have their young. There are exceptions of course, as some males will sleep in the open when it is mating season. More »

Coyote pups are born in burrows or dens after two months of gestation. Because coyotes mate between late January and March, the pups are often born in spring from April to mid-May. As with other infant mammals, coyote pu... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Raccoons in areas not encroached upon by humans typically sleep in tree cavities or in abandoned dens created by other species. Sometimes raccoons use human buildings as nesting sites, especially when they are giving bir... More »

Deter skunks from invading your yard by securely containing your garbage, limiting spaces where skunks can build dens, or making a natural repellent. Although skunks are generally gentle, they may act as nuisances, but d... More » Pets & Animals Mammals