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Blood python-- These snakes are not for beginners, but they are generally safe to keep as pets. They can deliver a nasty bite, like any other python, but they do not grow large enough to be dangerous to humans. They grow slightly larger than ball pythons and are thick, heavily built snakes. But they are not large enough to constrict an adult human.


Ball pythons are not dangerous. They are the smallest snakes in the python genus and the most docile. They are long-lived snakes that need damp and dark areas for hiding spots.


A ball python’s bite carries very little danger. Pythons do not have much bite power. Some have larger teeth than others, but their mouths are not made for tearing flesh and breaking bones. Ball pythons are at the low end of both bite strength and teeth durability. They are unlikely to do much harm.


Is a ball python bite dangerous? Ball pythons typically have a calm and docile temperament, and their rare bites are nonvenomous. A captive ball python should not pose any harm to a human. However, that is not to say that you can be blasé about ball python safety. Like all snakes, these reptiles can and will escape their enclosure if given the ...


Ball Pythons, however, do not have or deserve the reputation of being dangerous, they also can't do much damage even if they would decide to bite due to their size :) I have owned and bred Ball Pythons along with other snake species and they are some of the most tame and easily handled snakes available.


Ball python's are not dangerous at all. I've had mine for over 10 years, she's 5.5 Feet long. She is the nicest snake ever. I have never been bitten by her once in 10 years.


Ball python's are not dangerous at all. I've had mine for over 10 years, she's 5.5 Feet long. She is the nicest snake ever. I have never been bitten by her once in 10 years.


I know you guys have been around these snakes for years and probably don't even ponder the question, but I've got some pretty young kids and these snakes are strong. I just got a couple of young pythons a couple of weeks ago- the biggest one is about a year old, almost 3', and about as thick as a silver dollar. It wrapped around my 7 year old boy's neck once and he "couldn'...


Reader question: “I want to get a ball python for a pet, but I am concerned about safety. I have two young children in my house, and I want to make sure the ball python cannot harm them. I don’t know, maybe this is sort of a silly question. But can a ball python kill a child or an adult human? Are there any other risks we should know about?”


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