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Find recall information for the Kawasaki Teryx by visiting the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website. Around 11,000 Teryx4 vehicles were recalled in 2014 due to the vehicle's floorboards allowing debris to break through, affecting the footrest ...


Cerium oxide can be purchased at a number of online retailers including Amazon and Walmart. Cerium oxide is used to remove scratches from glass and also to polish stones.


Cerium is a gray metal used in making many different alloys and specialty glass and it is the 26th most common element found in the Earth's crust. Cerium is the most abundant rare Earth metal; it is abbreviated as Ce and found in the sixth row of the periodic table of e...


Volcanic arcs are formed when an oceanic plate is forced under a continental plate and the water-soaked crust melts as it's forced below the ocean floor, creating magma that feeds volcanoes on the continental side of the subduction zone. Stratovolcanoes are created in a...


One of the primary reasons for arcing in a microwave is the use of metal in the device. Aluminum foil, metal trimmed plates and metal utensils attract and concentrate microwaves like an antenna to create this electrical light show.


The length of an arc of a circle is equal to the angle subtended by the arc, in radians, times the radius of the circle. For an angle measured in degrees, the arc length is the angle, in degrees, times the radius times pi divided by 180.


Arc length parameterization refers to the description of the path of a particle that travels at a constant rate of one unit per second along a curve. It is the simplest representation of a curve with regard to the dynamics of the path of a particle.