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A free personality test is administered on the Internet at 16personalities.com. The test asks a series of questions and categorizes the participant according to 16 common personality types.


An AZ quiz is an Accelerated Reader quiz created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. The purpose of the Accelerated Reader quiz is to determine students' reading levels, to evaluate whether students have read a particular book and to suggest age-appropriate book titles for students.


Students can take Accelerated Reader (AR) sample quizzes on the product’s official website, Renaissance Learning. Alternatively, students enrolled in AR programs can take AR quizzes at school via the school website or an iPad app.


A "who are you?" quiz is an online test that asks you questions about yourself and gives you answers about your personality, your interests, your work style, your compatibility with others, and other aspects about you.


There is a great variety of websites where you can take quizzes; for example, Take a Quiz, ProProfs, Zimbio, The Superhero Quiz and Merriam-Webster. These websites have trivia and educational quizzes, as well as personality and pop culture quizzes.


Students can only take the official Advanced Reading tests at schools or public libraries. However, Renaissance Learning, which owns the program, offers sample quizzes for Advanced Reading on its website. These cover reading practice, vocabulary, literacy skills and several other topics.


An online pregnancy quiz determines if a woman may be pregnant based on typical symptoms and signs of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness and morning sickness, according to BabyMed. The test uses a woman’s answers to questions about her body and symptoms she experiences to determine the likelihood


While there are several different "best friend" quizzes around, the common theme is figuring out how close you and your best friend really are. The quizzes range from serious to silly, and can be found on various websites such as BuzzFeed.com and Seventeen.com.


The "How Will I Die" quiz is an online quiz provided by GoToQuiz that attempts to predict how the user will die in the future. The quiz consists of 14 basic multiple-choice questions, including questions asking for personal information such as age, eye color and gender.


Spelling quizzes are available online at Tests.com and Quiz-Tree.com. The ESL Resource Center also provides online spelling quizzes. These websites offer a selection of free and paid spelling quizzes, as of 2015.