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Apt. 9 clothing is made by Liz Claiborne exclusively for Kohl's department store. Apt. 9 clothing is available at Kohl's in both women's and men's clothing styles, as well as women's swimsuits.


There have not been many studies on the gender of dog owners, however, the Kennel Club in Britain found that women are twice as likely to own dogs as men. The studies pointed that 40 percent of the dogs with pedigrees in Britain were registered to women and that there were approximately 20 percent r


A studio apartment is a single-person residence that typically does not have a bedroom that is separate from the main living area. It is also smaller than a conventional single apartment. Saving money and limited space requirements are common reasons people choose a studio apartment over other optio


Make towel animals by folding towels origami-style into swan, monkey or elephant shapes. To make a swan, fold the corners of a bath towel down to form a triangle, and then roll the outside edges in until they meet at the center. Fold the top third of the triangle down at the inside, and fold the bot


One of the main ingredients of paper towels is paper pulp, which contain cellulose fibers. These special fibers also contain materials such as wood, cotton and plant fibers. The pulp used in paper towels is often bleached to produce a lighter color.


Paper towels are made just like any other form of paper, from either trees, wood chips, sawdust or recycled paper that is mixed with water to soak. The mixture is then mashed and stirred to form a mush of fibers called pulp, which eventually becomes the paper towels.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, colored towels should be washed with warm water and color-safe bleach every three to four days. White towels should be washed with hot water and bleach every three to four days as well. It is important to wash new towels at least one time prior to use, as many


As of 2015, the best-rated bath towels for home use are Pottery Barn’s Hydrocotton, Fieldcrest and Peshtemal, according to TheSweetHome.com. GoodHousekeeping.com gives the Hydrocotton four out of five stars. Target.com gives the Fieldcrest 4.5 out of five stars and Amazon.com gives the Peshtemal 4.6


To hang bathroom towels, either fold them neatly to hang on flat towel bars or drape them over coat-rack hooks. Flat towel bars have a more formal appearance than hooks.


Add ½ cup of baking soda to a load of towels at the beginning of the wash cycle or during the rinse cycle to keep them smelling fresh. People who live in areas with hard water should increase the amount of baking soda to ¾ cup.