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Apt. 9 clothing is made by Liz Claiborne exclusively for Kohl's department store. Apt. 9 clothing is available at Kohl's in both women's and men's clothing styles, as well as women's swimsuits.


Trunks, boardshorts, swim briefs and square-cut shorts are some different styles of men's bathing suits. Jammers are another type of men's swimwear, mainly useful in competitive swimming.


Looking great in a one-piece bathing suit is a matter of choosing swimwear that works for your body and style preferences. A bathing suit that accentuates the curves, and features a variety of colors and patterns can be especially flattering.


To host a bathing suit competition, choose a cool prize, find an attention-grabbing way to announce the contest and invite competitors, establish judges and judging criteria, and secure a date with a venue for the event. Also consider the format of the event, as many competitions conduct prejudging


There have not been many studies on the gender of dog owners, however, the Kennel Club in Britain found that women are twice as likely to own dogs as men. The studies pointed that 40 percent of the dogs with pedigrees in Britain were registered to women and that there were approximately 20 percent r


A studio apartment is a single-person residence that typically does not have a bedroom that is separate from the main living area. It is also smaller than a conventional single apartment. Saving money and limited space requirements are common reasons people choose a studio apartment over other optio


Cute bathing suit styles for junior girls range from modest one-pieces and tankinis to more revealing bikinis. Juniors can also choose swimsuits that have halter tops, ruffled tops, boy short bottoms or swim dresses. Juniors also often want to choose cover-ups to have an option regarding how much to


The easiest way for a woman to pick a flattering swimsuit is to focus on emphasizing her favorite areas of her body while downplaying those that cause insecurity. For example, a woman who is proud of her toned shoulders might choose a strapless suit.


Stores that sell transparent bathing suits include AliExpress, Skinz and Tropical Beach Swimwear. Swimsuits and styles range from partially revealing in certain areas of the swimsuit to being see-through across the entire area.


Some famous bathing-suit models include Petra Nemcova, Kathy Ireland, Heidi Klum and Kate Upton. Tyra Banks modelled swimwear for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues of 1996 and 1997, and she became the first African-American woman to appear on the magazine's cover.