To uninstall an iPhone application, go to the Home screen of the iPhone, tap and hold the application you want to uninstall, click the “X” icon next to it, and then click Delete. The uninstalled application remains in yo... More » Technology Mobile

There used to be a Belkin Connect app for the iPhone, but it was removed from the iTunes App Store in October 2014. When trying to download it now, users receive get a message stating Item Not Available. More » Technology Mobile

Some of the more popular GPS apps for iPhones are Magellan RoadMate, TomTom, Garmin USA and MotionX GPS drive. These apps typically provide multiple features, including map updates, route planning, lane assistance and li... More » Technology Mobile

To clear the browser cache on an iPhone, tap the Settings application icon on the home screen to open the settings menu. Then, scroll down through the settings list until you locate the listing for the Safari browser. Ta... More » Technology Mobile

One easy way to delete an app on an iPhone is to go to the home screen and then press and hold the app icon until all the apps start to wiggle. Press the X on the app you want to delete, confirm you want to delete it, an... More » Technology Mobile

The easiest way to delete an app on an iPhone is to hold down the app's icon until it wiggles, tap the X that appears on the app and confirm the deletion. Apps can also be deleted from within the Settings and iTunes apps... More » Technology Mobile

Once the Hotmail account has been added to your iPhone, simply click on the mail application, found at the bottom of the home screen, to see your mailbox. Open the mailbox to read your emails. More » Technology Mobile