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20th Year Wedding Anniversary Celebrate your first double decade together with an array of 20th year anniversary gifts. The ups and downs that you’ve had, the love and laughter you’ve shared and the good times to look forward to are all centered around your 20th year anniversary.


Combine this with china or platinum gifts, or decorate in it in a platinum colored wrapping paper. If you wish to include gemstones, or another color, to your gift, choose emerald. It’s the stone for the 20th anniversary. 20th wedding anniversary gift giving tips. Be creative with the traditional and modern-day anniversary themes.


Here are some 20th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose the china or platinum gifts that are associated with the event. China is traditional, while platinum is considered modern, but both work.


Modern 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Platinum is the modern gift for 20th wedding anniversary and if you want to decide a gift associated with it for your beloved then the gift ideas given below will surely help you.


Traditional & Modern 20th Anniversary Gifts. ... a 20th anniversary gift for your love that is sweet and thoughtful is expected. Two decades of marriage deserves to be celebrated, and Personal Creations 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas are sure to provide the inspiration you need to choose the perfect token of your never ending love to go ...


The traditional gift for your 20th wedding anniversary is china, the modern gift is platinum, the gemstone is an emerald and the flower is a day lily. 15 people found this useful


The 20th anniversary is one with awesome options when it comes to the traditional wedding gift (fine china), the modern wedding gift (platinum), the 20th anniversary flower (lily), and the 20th ...


The traditional and modern gift for the 50th wedding anniversary is gold. The gifts can be gold pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches or tie clips. Fifty years of marriage is traditionally called a "golden wedding anniversary," "golden anniversary" or a "golden wedding."


20th Anniversary Gifts Two decades together is an accomplishment worth celebrating. No matter if you’re high school sweethearts or met later in life, your spouse deserves a token of your love on your 20th anniversary.


Wedding anniversary gift-giving is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. But throughout the years, gift ideas have evolved to meet a more modern standard of living. But throughout the years, gift ideas have evolved to meet a more modern standard of living.