Capital One and Chase are just two of many banks that offer applications for Visa and MasterCard online. Some lenders such as Total Visa focus on borrowers with poor credit, according to its website, while larger banks o... More »

Applicants need to provide their personal information and make an initial deposit when applying for a Visa credit card. Personal information includes full legal names, physical residence, and applicant’s phone number and... More »

To apply for a Visa signature card, the applicant needs a savings bank account. He needs to open one if he does not have one. Secondly, the applicant then visits his respective bank website to access an online filling fo... More »

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People who wish to receive a Southwest Airlines Visa credit card should fill out their applications on Chase's website. As of 2015, there are two main types of Visa cards available: Plus and Premier. More »

Mid America Bank and Trust Company offers the Total Visa credit card application online and provides a response within seconds. If approved, a processing fee is required to open a Total Visa account and access available ... More »

Visa provides slightly better perks for its users than MasterCard. Using a Visa to rent a car offers better loss of use when insurance is purchased, and Visa offers a better return protection policy than MasterCard. More »

To apply for a Merrick Bank classic Visa or MasterCard credit card, visit the Merrick Bank website, enter in the acceptance certificate number and fill out the online application form. To apply for a Merrick Bank secured... More »