To apply for welfare, familiarize yourself with the income, work and citizenship requirements, and make sure you meet them. Gather all the necessary paperwork, find your local office, and go there to apply in person. More » Government & Politics Social Services

Apply for welfare online by visiting your state's department of health and human services webpage. A range of forms necessary to complete the application process are available depending on your location. More » Government & Politics Social Services

You can apply for welfare benefits in California by either contacting your county welfare department, visiting your local welfare office or applying online. The online application allows you to apply for any of Californi... More » Geography United States The West
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Common items on an application for welfare benefits include information about the applicant's household, employment, financial assets, and expenses such as rent and medical bills. The application also asks about U.S. cit... More » Government & Politics Social Services

To receive welfare, applicants are first required to fill out a form that can be obtained at state welfare offices. The filled form is returned to the welfare officer. The next step in the process involves an interview a... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Approximately 48.5 percent of the population of the United States receives welfare as of 2012, according to CNSNews. This percentage does not include those who receive veterans' benefits. More » Government & Politics Social Services

Eligibility for welfare in Ohio varies and is determined by many factors such as region, employment status, size of household and the applicant's ability to work. A key factor in welfare eligibility is whether or not the... More » Government & Politics Social Services