The main difference in fine art and applied art is that fine art is intended to create beauty and pleasure in looking while applied art is intended to be an aesthetic approach to performing a specific duty. Fine arts are... More »

Fine arts, visual arts, plastic arts, performance arts, applied arts and decorative arts are the major classifications of the arts. Several of these classifications have sub-classifications associated with them. More »

Three examples of fine arts are painting, sculpture and drawing, and three examples of practical arts are needlework, woodwork and pottery. Where fine arts are created primarily for aesthetic purposes, practical arts hav... More »

To buy fine art, first educate yourself by visiting local galleries and finding artists with good reviews. Find artwork by the artists you researched, and choose a few that you like. Ask for the prices of the pieces you ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Prints of Robert Wood's artwork are available at stores that sell fine art prints or through online auctions. Buyers can find a complete archive of paintings by Robert Wood at More » Art & Literature Fine Art

To find the names of fine artists, tour art galleries or search artist databases such as Signature Finder. Art galleries and museums typically display the name of the artist on a placard next to each piece. Artist databa... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Schools often provide afterschool activities for children dedicated to art and other subjects. Afterschool programs are also offered by community organizations such as YMCA or by some colleges and universities. More » Art & Literature Fine Art