To get a deal on an Apple iPad as of 2015, purchase a last-generation model, buy an iPad mini, buy a used one online or order a refurbished unit from the Apple website. Buying a refurbished or used last-generation iPad m... More » Technology Mobile

By using AirPlay Mirroring, an iPad can be connected to an HDTV to play the same content on both screens through a Wi-Fi network. A second- or third-generation Apple TV is required, and the process only works with the iP... More » Technology Television & Video

None of the Apple iPad devices have a USB port. Apple has its own proprietary connecting ports on the iPads. Fourth-generation iPads and newer have lightning ports, whereas older iPads have an Apple 30-pin dock connector... More »

The Apple iPad mini 2 is available for purchase from the Apple Store, both online and in-person. The Apple iPad mini 2 is also available from retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart. More » Technology Mobile

A user's manual for the iPad 2 is available on Apple's website at Apple has titled the manual for the iPad 2 "iPad User Guide for iOS 4.3," as iOS 4.3 was the operating system in use at the time of the... More » Technology Mobile

You can set up an Apple iPad without access to wireless service by connecting it directly to a Mac or PC. The computer must have an Internet connection to download the necessary software for set-up. More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, there is no official way to control an Apple iPad with a wireless mouse without illegally modifying the device. The only available interface devices include wireless keyboards, which connect via Bluetooth tec... More » Technology Mobile