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Sep 20, 2021 ... The biggest recent news involving Apple and privacy may be that ... Why it's important: 2FA is a critical part of keeping your data secure.


Dec 5, 2020 ... In the U.S., it's illegal for Apple to keep your data private from the government if the government asks for it, Paul says. The U.S. government ...


Nov 8, 2021 ... Beginning in 2022, Apple and Google will impose new privacy ... the Google Play Store Data Safety forms and Privacy Policies by April 2022.


Sep 13, 2021 ... An unsecured database containing over 61 million records related to fitness trackers and wearables exposed Apple and Fitbit users' data online.


While Apple may be serious about protecting its users' data, it isn't exempt from using that data.


Dec 18, 2020 ... The new document is entitled “Device and Data Access when Personal ... technology you rely on as private and secure as you want it to be.


Jul 30, 2021 ... Government has warned Apple users of a new vulnerability in their OS which includes multiple iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.


Jul 19, 2021 ... Apple's iPhone has a 'major blinking red five-alarm-fire problem with iMessage security,' according to a cybersecurity researcher · Apple's&...


Apple's OS X (Mac) and iOS (iPhone, iPad) operating systems include native security controls for each of the four pillars above: 1. Data at rest—The iPhone ...


Jun 16, 2021 ... In its most recent transparency report, which covers January to June of 2020, Apple said it handed over user data to US law enforcement 2,590 ...


May 12, 2021 ... An email entered into court this week in Epic Games' lawsuit against Apple shows that Apple managers uncovered 2,500 malicious apps had been ...