Easy party appetizers consist of a variety of textures and flavors in one single bite that are easy to eat with the fingers and easy to make, such as goat cheese roll-ups, cucumber caviar rounds and fried ravioli. Dips a... More »

Some popular appetizer recipes are buffalo chicken dip, spicy black bean canapes, and ham roll-ups. These recipes come from Taste of Home, Real Simple, and Oprah, respectively. More »

Some recipes for easy appetizers are sweet and spicy candied nuts, herb popcorn, smoked salmon potato bites, pea pesto crostini, marinated olives and smoked salmon canapes. The recipe for sweet and spicy candied nuts is ... More »

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A good granola recipe comes from Alton Brown of the Food Network and calls for oats, nuts, coconut and sugar to be toasted and then mixed with raisins for a variety of flavors and textures. The recipe has received many p... More »

Fried ravioli, kale-artichoke dip, spiced olives and a goat cheese trio are easy appetizers. Make fried ravioli by frying small, uncooked ravioli in oil at 365 degrees Fahrenheit for two minutes. Drain on paper towels. S... More »

Some simple finger food recipes that can be used for a housewarming party include zesty fajita bites, guacamole goat cheese toasts, pizza wheels, chipotle black bean cakes and fried pickle chips. These can be made for an... More »

Frito-Lay, makers of Tostitos brand tortilla chips, has created several dip recipes to complement the variety of Tostito chip flavors. Two of the most popular Tostito dip recipes on the Frito-Lay website are the Vegetabl... More »