Some of the primary beliefs of the Apostolic faith include the beliefs that marriage is for life; the divine healing of sickness is achieved through atonement; there is only one God, who is the creator of heaven, earth a... More » World View Religion Christianity

Members of the Apostolic church believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and that it must be interpreted literally to be properly understood. Apostolics share many beliefs with other denominations of Christia... More » World View Religion

Founded in 2005, Jesus Name Apostolic Church defines itself as a multicultural congregation that believes in three manifestations of one god instead of the Trinity, in which there are three beings in one god. The belief ... More » World View Religion Christianity
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Pentecostal churches believe that the Old and New Testaments are the word of God; that God, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three persons with once essence; that God is the creator; and that salvation is possible because... More » World View Religion Christianity

Some ways to show you are standing on the word of God are by helping people in need, staying away from sin, and having faith in God no matter the circumstances. According to the Bible, Christians who stand firm in the wo... More » World View Religion Christianity

The story of Lucifer, as narrated in the Bible, involves a powerful archangel who wanted ultimate power for himself, rebelled against God, and therefore fell from heaven. Lucifer is also a character in many versions of t... More » World View Religion Christianity

A Christian statement of faith is a statement that outlines a person's particular beliefs regarding Jesus Christ, the veracity of the Bible, and other doctrines and issues within Christian theology. These short essays ex... More » World View Religion Christianity