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Whilst the Apollo 11 MOCR ACR collection is a great resource, one of the tapes didn't upload correctly. This is A11_T877_HR2L_CH25_09-17-32_16-03-01-2015-09-08Recording.wav This is all channels, they appear to contain the audio from tape A11_T876_HR1L_CH25_17-03-07_01-42-14-2015-09-08Recording.wav


The Apollo 11 Onboard Audio Tape Database cross references the tape numbers to the Mission Elapsed Time (MET) that was on each tape. JSC Transcript Collection → All mission transcripts, onboard audio as well as other mission audio, from NASA's historic early missions, including all Apollo flights, are available.


Todd Miller Director, Apollo 11 film Tom Petersen Producer, Apollo 11 film Dr. John Hansen and the National Science Foundation 30-track Mission Control audio digitization. More info at exploreapollo.org Lunar and Planetary Institute Jamie Shumbera Operations Manager NASA Headquarters Dr. Bill Barry Chief Historian, NASA HQ


Digitalizing the Apollo 11 Mission Audio. Digitalizing the collection of the Apollo 11 Mission Audio, which was completed by University of Texas at Dallas researchers, was actually a mammoth task. There were more than 200 14-hour analog tapes, each with 30 tracks of audio.


Apollo 11 launch from about T-5min to orbital insertion. The audio is the Flight Directors Loop - You hear the conversations at the Cape between launch control/mission control (in Houston) and the ...


Commentary: Neil Armstrong reporting the roll and pitch program whitch puts Apollo 11 on a proper heading. + Play Audio (1:00/652 Kb wav) Image left: Smoke and flames signal the opening of a historic journey as the Saturn V clears the launch pad.


GET 116:39:59 to 116:46:11 MP3 Audio Clip. [06 mins 25 sec] Missing clip. Link to ALSJ ALSEP Deployment; GET 116:54:01 to 118:04:31, MP3 Audio Clip. [01 hr 09 mins 42 sec] Link to ALSJ EVA-1 Closeout; GET 118:05:54 to 119:09:05, MP3 Audio Clip. [01 hr 04 mins 01 sec] Link to ALSJ Post-EVA Activities in the LM ; GET 119:09:18 to 119:12:11, MP3 ...


The Apollo 11 spacecraft took three days to reach the lunar orb. 3. Of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Command Module pilot Michael Collins was the only one who did not set foot on the Moon.


The transcript begins at the start of a hold in the Apollo 11 countdown at the three-and-a-half-hour point before launch. The Apollo 11 spacecraft sits atop its Saturn V launch vehicle on Pad 39A at the John F. Kennedy Space Center and announcements on the progress of the countdown are made by the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) Jack King, the 'Voice of Apollo'.


Apollo 11 - Apollo Flight Journal 479,381 views 14:58 The Year of Pluto - New Horizons Documentary Brings Humanity Closer to the Edge of the Solar System - Duration: 58:34.