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AP Art Portfolio Written Evidence. Directions from Mrs. Cross for writing your artist statement: Use your responses from this assignment to write about your ...


submitting the prescribed AP Art Portfolio to the AP College Board for ... Be sure the read the “Rational for the Score” section for each portfolio example.


The AP Studio Art class is intended for highly motivated Junior and ... Do a drawing of a futuristic cityscape—for example, Dallas in the year 2050 (keep in.


Links to samples of student work in the 2-D Design portfolio can be found on AP Central® at: apcentral.collegeboard.com/studio2D. Examples of 2-D ...


Your student has elected to enroll in AP Studio Art at Wooster High ... Drawing and 2D portfolio exams, scoring rubrics used and examples of past student.


NOTE: the examples provided are simply a starting point and not meant to be the only solution to the assignment. SUSTAINED INVESTIGATION- In a sustained ...


Students will use the website for AP Central and the poster to glean required information and examples for the exam/portfolio they will complete.


The AP Studio Art Portfolio is for art students who are motivated ... Quality: In this section the student will submit five examples of their best work.


Link to Acrylic Painting process examples ... Students interested in taking AP Studio Art are urged to take this course first. This course is typically ...


Prerequisite: Grade B+ or better in Sculpture and Pottery 2, a teacher's recommendation and sample of the student's strongest artwork, submitted to the teacher ...


It requires a lot of planning if you want a successful portfolio, I think. One of my friends is a pretty good example of this—her two pieces where she had an ...