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As of 2014, an antique pump organ is worth $100 to several thousand dollars depending on its condition. For example, an antique Victorian pump organ dated circa 1865 to 1915 is worth between $1,000 and $1,500 in poor condition. Totally restored, its value is between $6,500 and $10,000.


To restore an old porcelain sign, use a damp cloth to clean the surface, and remove rust by applying a paste made from 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar and five drops of water with a brush. Rinse off the paste, dry the sign, and touch up any damaged paint.


To restore and refurbish antique handles, it is necessary to clean, repair and paint or polish the hardware. Antique handles may be rusty or grimy. The first step is to remove each antique handle from the furniture, door or door frame to which it is attached.


To restore an antique mirror, remove the frame, strip the glass, apply silver leaf, and paint over it. This two-day project requires a screwdriver, soap, safety gear, water, rags, blocks, a pan, paint stripper, silver remover, sizing, a scraper, silver leaf, black paint, felt and waxed paper.


Restoring a vintage car using antique car body parts requires the person conducting the restoration to use metalworking tools to ensure that the parts are free of any structural damage. This involves using cleaners to remove rust, welding in new metal and removing any dents.


Weiss Antique Stoves, Good Time Stove Company and Vintage Appliances and Restoration all sell restored antique stove heaters. All three companies ship anywhere in the United States.


Inspect and replace worn or frayed wires in the electrical system of a floor lamp to ensure it continues to operate safely. The process requires disassembling the lamp into sections, threading new wire and adding plugs and sockets as necessary. Always unplug the lamp before proceeding.


To restore antique wood furniture, rub out stains, disguise scratches and chips and wax the surface to restore the sheen. Do not attempt to strip and refinish antique wood pieces.


OldGasPumpGuys.com and GameRoomAntiques.com both sell old gas pumps. In addition, eBay.com sellers often list old gas pumps for sale in both auction and fixed-price listings.


Repairing an antique farmhouse sink requires disconnecting the sink from the drain and water supply, removing all of the sink's metal parts, cleaning the sink thoroughly, scuffing its surface with sandpaper and finally applying a restoration epoxy. Restoration epoxies are available at nearly all hom