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As of 2014, an antique pump organ is worth $100 to several thousand dollars depending on its condition. For example, an antique Victorian pump organ dated circa 1865 to 1915 is worth between $1,000 and $1,500 in poor condition. Totally restored, its value is between $6,500 and $10,000.


OldGasPumpGuys.com and GameRoomAntiques.com both sell old gas pumps. In addition, eBay.com sellers often list old gas pumps for sale in both auction and fixed-price listings.


The highest rated brand of heat pump on Furnace Compare is a Trane model. Three different Trane models are included in the top five best heat pumps for the year 2014. Furnace Compare compiles reviews from customers and contractors to create its rankings.


Antique milk cans are metal cans with lids. They were used to transport and store fresh milk before the advent of large storage tanks and tanker trucks.


The largest manufacturers of antique railroad lanterns were Adams and Westlake, Armspear Manufacturing, Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad, Handlan, Lovell-Dressel, R.E. Dietz, Star Headlight and Lantern Company, and St. Lawrence Railroad. These companies manufactured standard short-globe lanterns f


Antique cars are sold by many different providers, including online marketplace websites such as AutoTraderClassics.com and AntiqueCar.com. AutoTrader Classics also offers parts for sale, project vehicles, articles, and buying and selling resources.


In the television show "Antiques Roadshow," appraisers visit cities and provide evaluations of antiques that locals bring to them to inspect. The first "Antiques Roadshow" debuted in 1979 and takes place in the United Kingdom. A version of the show that takes place in the United States debuted in 19


Antique bottle collecting is the activity of collecting bottles from the 19th century or the early 20th century. The collectors of antique bottles admire the bottles they collect for the historical context from which they emerged and for their distinctive styles and colors.


Key features of an antique hand water pump include a simple design which utilized a hand-driven lever attached to a piston. Pistons were encased within a sealed chamber in order to create the suction needed to displace water. These devices are also known as suction or piston pumps.


Some antique albums include The Quarrymen?s ?That?ll Be the Day? single, The Sex Pistols? ?God Save the Queen? single and the alternate cover edition of The Beatles? ?Yesterday and Today.? As of 2015, these collectible records are some of the most valuable in existence.