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THis was found in an attic . Made by Britains LTD in England this has the covered ammunition wagon and solders. SOld as found.


Antiques & Collectibles for sale, Category: Toys > Toy Soldiers. ... Britains lead toy Mickey Mouse Model Series in Metal Minnie Mouse from set 1645.


Toy Soldiers: The Collectors Guide to Identifying, Enjoying, and Acquiring New and Vintage Toy Soldiers [Joplin, Norman] on Amazon.com.


Vintage lead, hollow cast, & plastic military figures. If you are an avid collector of vintage toy soldiers, you might enjoy reading this interesting book: ...


Old Lead Toy Soldier Aiming Rifle #747. Original vintage. Measures approx. 3" tall. Please consider product images as part of the item's description.


Unlike those who collect them, however, toy soldiers are subject to lead oxidization, more commonly referred to as “lead rot.” Impure metal mixes and the ...


Feb 8, 2012 ... Making tin soldiers from molten lead alloy was a popular activity among ... old soldiers contains enough lead to render several million toys ...


Jun 27, 2001 ... At first, toy soldiers were made by pouring molten lead into a mold, which hardened into a solid figure as it cooled. But an Englishman named ...


Aug 21, 2018 ... Photo courtesy of Old Soldier Toy Auctions USA and ... Britains and most metal toy soldiers were traditionally sold in boxed sets.


Antique metal toy soldiers, John Hill & C. 1898-1914, cm. 6. John Hill & Company or Johillco was a British toy company specialising in the manufacture of ...


You can also opt for unbranded vintage metal toy figures. Character or theme - You can create an entire collection around antique toy soldiers alone, or you can ...