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Heritage Auctions states that the best way to clean antique glass is by hand with lukewarm water and mild dish washing soap, and then towel drying afterward. Never use hot or cold water, as the temperature change can shatter the glass. Using a dishwasher is a risky meth...


A glass or antiques expert can verify the age of the glass. Valuable antique glass is characterized by signs of wear, defects and rough mold edges.


Some good uses for antique green glass includes candle holders, mini lamps, light fixtures, centerpieces and vases. Individuals can also repurpose antique green glass into planters, book ends and coat racks.


Antique Lamp Supply, Macy's and Chairish are among the retailers that sell antique-styled glass lamps, as of 2015. The available inventory, merchandise condition and prices vary by retailer.


"The Antique Trader Bottles Identification and Price Guide," "Kovel's Bottles Price List: 12th Edition" and "Warman's Bottles Field Guide" are some guides to antique glass bottles, as of 2015. These guides list thousands of old and modern collectible bottles and provide...


Reverse glass painting is a painting technique in which the image is painted in reverse on the back side of a piece of glass. This technique became popular in 13th century Italy and is still used today.


Some tips for buying antique glass vases include looking for rarity and aesthetics, as well as looking for desirability, authenticity and the condition when buying antique glass vases. When finding a vase with all of these features, it has a good chance of becoming valu...