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An understanding of Antigone's lineage is crucial to decoding the significance of the various characters' ultimate fates. Let's examine the major characters in the family tree adjacent to this page. Oedipus is a descendent of the Labdacus family, which is plagued with a terrible curse.


In this lesson we will review the Sophocles play, ''Antigone'' in the context of the other two ''Oedipus'' plays. We will look at how the family tree has been affected by the background story, and ...


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Antigone was descended on both sides of her family from Cadmus, who founded Thebes around 2000 B.C.E*. She was the daughter of Theban King Oedipus, who albeit unknowingly killed his own father and ...


Megareus was the son of Creon and Eurydice and the brother of Haemon. Eurydice was the wife of Creon and the mother of Haemon and Megareus. Creon made cruel judgements during his rule as king. He finally learned his lesson after his son and wife died. He grieved for them, showing


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Antigone's Family Tree. STUDY. PLAY. Antigone. Main character, daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. Creon. Jocasta's brother. King after the twin brothers kill each other. Antigone's uncle who creates a law about mourning Polyneices. Eteocoles. Oedipus' son who is buried honorably. He has a twin brother and they start war and kill each other over ...

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Antigone’s Family Tree, History, and Characters in the Play. Characters to Know in the Prequel to Antigone:. Laius: Married to Jocasta and father of Oedipus. When the oracle told him that his son would kill him and marry his wife, he gave the baby to a shepard to kill.


About This Quiz & Worksheet. Family trees are often a simple enough matter, but the one found in Antigone is a bit more complex. These quiz questions will focus on this confusing family tree, as ...


Antigone (Greek: Ἀντιγόνη) was a Greek Macedonian noblewoman that lived in the 4th century BC.; She was the child born to the nobleman Cassander by unnamed mother. Antigone was a relative to the powerful Regent Antipater as she was his niece.