According to Reading Specialist Heidi Songs, ways to help with accelerated reading tests include stopping a child while reading to ask them to draw pictures concerning what is happening in the book and asking as many rea... More » Education Standardized Tests

Teachers are allowed to view the answers to teacher-created assessments in Accelerated Reader. It is impossible to view answers to other test types because the questions are randomly picked based on each student's skill ... More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers

The "Divergent" Accelerated Reader test asks readers to recall many significant plot points of the novel. This includes the main character Tris' actions, conversations and emotional reactions to events in the story. More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction
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First-grade reading tests measure early reader skills, including basic comprehension, phonics and sequencing. Each state has its own guidelines and test evaluation criteria, and standardized testing often begins at highe... More » Education Standardized Tests

Accelerated Reader assesses a student’s reading level, recommends book titles at that reading level and tests student comprehension of selected books. AR software is a way to monitor a student's independent reading pract... More » Education Standardized Tests

Third-grade reading tests for achievement standards such as the National Common Core standards typically cover vocabulary, reading comprehension, interpretation and reading to perform tasks. The tests consist of stories ... More » Education Standardized Tests

Accelerated reading tests are a battery of tests that assess students' reading comprehension skills on individual books in the Accelerated Reader program. Renaissance Learning, Inc. developed the Accelerated Reader progr... More » Education Standardized Tests