Free and fee-based educational services are available online to help students solve problems and complete their math homework. Some websites are open to any student, while others are linked to specific school districts a... More » Education Homework Help

Most printable math worksheets available though various math homework websites include two printable pages on the same web page. One is a worksheet with math problems, and the second page contains the answers to the work... More » Education Homework Help

Answers to algebra problems can be found using the Wolfram Alpha search engine. Among other things, Wolfram Alpha allows users to enter math equations and returns a large collection of solutions, graphs and other informa... More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers
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There are many websites that help students complete their math homework and also offer lesson plans to help students understand their homework. Some examples of these websites are Khan Academy, Pinchbeck, the Scholastic ... More » Education Homework Help

Several online tutoring services, such as ASAP Tutor, Tutor Teddy and Accounting Assignment Help, offer accounting students extensive homework help. These online resources teach a full range of accounting material and ca... More » Education Homework Help

Algebra 1 students who need help improving math homework performance can use supplementary material from Khan Academy to help themselves get a better grasp of a particular topic. Another option is to hire a math tutor th... More » Education Homework Help

Several sites offer free answers for students with tough math questions. At Ask Dr. Math, students can search the archives to see if their question has been answered, or write to Dr. Math. Another option is More » Education Homework Help