A variable annuity is a retirement account that allows a person to choose her investments, and the annuity provides an income based on how well the investments are doing in the stock and bond markets, explains CNN. A var... More » Business & Finance Investing

Although earnings are calculated differently for both fixed and variable retirement annuities, they are both subject to income tax, according to The Motley Fool. Withdrawals also are subject to taxation depending on when... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

The main advantage of an annuity is its tax-deferred status, allowing a contract owner to invest retirement savings with no contribution limit and no taxes until the funds are withdrawn, reports CNN Money. Disadvantages ... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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Sources of income for retirement may include social security, retirement accounts, such as a 401(k) or IRA, pension payments from a previous employer, stock profits or annuity investments, according to U.S. News & World ... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Get a good interest rate on your Roth IRA by choosing investments within your retirement account that yield the most interest. Roth IRA interest is determined by your investment choices, not by the financial institution ... More » Business & Finance Investing

Doubling your investment is possible in ways that range from taking advantage to employer match contributions into a retirement fund to using stock options and margin transactions to grow your account rapidly, notes Inve... More » Business & Finance Investing

A person can get into the stock market by figuring out how much to invest, opening an account with a brokerage firm, conducting research on different companies and buying the stock. Beginners can practice an online versi... More » Business & Finance Investing