Generally, the best anniversary gift is something that has special meaning to the people celebrating the anniversary. However, Hallmark has a list of traditional and modern gifts for each year of marriage. More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

Some good anniversary gifts by year include paper for the first anniversary, crystal for the 15th, rubies for the 40th and diamonds for the 60th. A list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year were organized ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

While most married couples only celebrate certain years, like the 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, each wedding anniversary is represented by a symbolic gift. Traditionally, gifts given or exchanged during the early yea... More »

Finding a great second anniversary gift is made easier by following the standard gift categories associated with the anniversary, specifically choosing something cotton as a traditional gift or china as a more modern gif... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

The traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift is something pearl, while the modern gift is something diamond. Jewelry and knives that are adorned with mother-of-pearl are common choices to celebrate this anniversary. More »

There is no known name for a 55th wedding anniversary, though modern and traditional 55th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of emerald. Some may call it the "Emerald Anniversary." Like emeralds, a marriage that last... More »

Some examples of romantic 10th wedding anniversary gifts include jewelry, a personalised keychain, a photo frame and a personalised license plate. The traditional theme is tin or aluminum, and the modern theme is diamond... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries