Three bones form the ankle: the tibia (the shin bone), the fibula (a smaller bone along the shin bone) and the talus (a bone sitting above the heel bone). The bony protrusion on the inside of the ankle is the medial mall... More »

According to the Southern California Orthopedic Institute, there are three bones in the true ankle joint. Depending on the definition being used, the subtalar joint is also sometimes included, which has a bone that it sh... More »

Treatment methods for bone spurs on the ankle include cold pack application to the area and anti-inflammatory medications, such as Depomedrol, Celestone or Kenalog, according to MedicineNet. If the bone spur irritates th... More »

The ankle is a hinge joint that comprises three bones: the tibia, the fibula and the talus. The simple but sturdy design of the ankle make it strong enough to support over one-and-a-half times a person’s body weight duri... More » Science Human Anatomy

The tibia and fibula are connected bones that begin below the knee and end at the ankle, says Innerbody. The tibia is the larger and stronger bone, while the fibula, though as long as the tibia, is a slender bone attache... More »

Compact bone is the outer layer of a bone such as the tibia or fibula. Compact bone is also referred to as cortical bone. The compact bone is shaped like a cylinder and is extremely hard. More »

The thigh bone, called the femur, and the tibia, or shin bone, connect together to form one of the human body's most complex joints. Two smaller bones, the fibula and patella, are also parts of the knee joint. More »