Instructional drawing websites such as Easy Drawing Tutorials, Drawing How to Draw, and include example drawings of animated people in their drawing tutorials. Most tutorials for drawing a... More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime

Some sources for animated birthday cards include Hallmark E-Cards, Jacquie Lawson and Blue Mountain. The animated birthday cards on these sites come in an array of colors and can be comical or sweet. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

Entertainment and pop culture of the 1940s were heavily influenced by World War II. The need for news about the war turned radio into a mass medium. An estimated 90 million Americans went to the movies every week and wat... More »

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There are several websites that allow people to listen to country music online, such as Live365, TuneIn and KTTS. At the KTTS website, people can listen live to the KTTS (94.7 FM) radio station, which is based in Califor... More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime

Stick figures are basic sketches of animals or people. A simple circle represents the head of a person while basic straight lines represents the person's torso, legs and arms. More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime