"GIF" stands for graphics interchange format, and it refers to animated images found on the Internet. GIFs were first developed in 1987, but increased network bandwidth and Internet accessibility have made them a favorit... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Central processing unit, graphics processing unit and format are three computer vocabulary terms. Whereas the first two refer to hardware components, format refers to a software process that affects devices that store da... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

According to HowStuffWorks, a graphics card translates the pixels from video data into images seen on the screen. The central processing unit sends information regarding the image to the graphics card. The card then figu... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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Digital images can be converted to JPEG format by using built-in graphics painting programs, pre-installed photo-imaging software or free online image converters. The conversion process may result in a loss of visual qua... More » Technology Digital Storage

Vertical sync, or vertical synchronization, refers to a setting on a PC graphics card that limits the card from outputting more frames per second than the display monitor's refresh rate will allow. This is done in order ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Ways to connect a PC to a television include a high-definition multimedia interface, video graphics array and streaming. HDMI is perhaps the easiest method if both the PC and television have HDMI ports. Connect the two d... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To adjust the display the screen size, adjust the screen resolution of the system so that the screen is filled with content and graphics. Alternatively, update the monitor and video card drivers of the device using the i... More » Technology Computers & Hardware