The red kangaroo can jump the highest and can jump as high as 10 feet while bounding as far as 25 feet in a single leap. The red kangaroo is known scientifically as Megaleia rufa. More »

Many animals, including the elephant, opossum, hippopotamus and numerous others, can't jump. It is a myth that only one species in the entire animal kingdom is incapable of jumping. More »

It's a popular myth that elephants are the only mammal that cannot jump, but rhinos, hippos and sloths also carry this same trait. When hippos and rhinos run, however, there are times when all four feet are off the groun... More »

Though superlatives such as "softest" may be at least somewhat subjective, the chinchilla is typically believed to have the softest fur of any animal on the planet. The chinchilla is a small rodent that has somewhat uniq... More »

There is no official collective noun for the platypus animal because this mammal is typically a solitary creature, although a group of platypuses could be referred to as a "paddle." Collective nouns are usually created f... More »

In current English usage, post-1540s, a minx is not any sort of animal at all. It is an insulting word for a woman who is considered too flirtatious and rude. There is an obsolete English word, mynx, that dates from the ... More »

Llama hair is referred to as fiber while still on the animal and wool once it is shaved. The wool produced by a llama is very soft and is free of lanolin, a fatty, yellow, viscous substance found naturally in sheep's woo... More »