Animals with names beginning with the letter Z are rare. In fact, there are only a handful of animals in the world which fit that criteria, including the zebra, zebu, zorilla and zebra sharks. More » Science Biology Zoology

Central Australia is home to zebra finches. These little birds are distributed across Australia. Their habitat spans almost the entire continent. They do, however, avoid the extreme northern and southern parts of the con... More » Geography Australia

Some good Animals A to Z videos are "Fashionable Flamingos," "Scorpion Survival," "Into the Lion's Mouth" and "A Close Encounter with Gorillas." Other titles include "Rhinoceros Iguanas," "Black Bear Smarts," "Newfoundla... More » Education K-12
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A large number of animals have names that start with the letter M, including commonly known species such as the moose, mongoose, meerkat, mountain goat and mountain lion. More exotic animals include the Malayan tiger, th... More » Science Biology Zoology

Among the animals whose names start with the letter "n" are the nutria, nyala, nanger, narwhal, needlefish, night sergeant, northern sennet, natal barred blue butterfly, night butterfly and Northern Jungle Queen. Other a... More » Science Biology Zoology

The names of some animals that start with the letter F include falcons, foxes, ferrets and finches. Other animals whose names start with F are fer-de-lance, filaria, firefly, fish, fisher, flamingo, flatworm, flea, flick... More » Science Biology Zoology

Some animals whose names start with the letter "w" include wasps, wombats, wallabies, weasels and warthogs. Other animals whose names start with "w" are whales, walruses and wolves. More » Science Biology Zoology