Animals with names beginning with the letter Z are rare. In fact, there are only a handful of animals in the world which fit that criteria, including the zebra, zebu, zorilla and zebra sharks. More »

Oceana's website has a list of ocean animals, from A to Z, as part of their marine animal encyclopedia. A list of bodies of water and habitats can also be found on the Oceana website. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and The Smithsonian National Zoological Park offer mammal indexes on their respective websites. An alphabetized list of mammals is also available at Click th... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Animals that begin with the letter "u" include the uakari, Uganda kob, Uinta ground squirrel, Ulysses butterfly, umbrella bird, upupa, urial, uromastix, urraca and urubu. Four of these 10 animals are birds, four are mamm... More »

Some gifts that begin with the letter "Z" include zoo tickets, a Zoolander DVD, a zen clock, a Zippo lighter and a Zumiez gift card. Other gifts are Zircon earrings and a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide. More »

Some foods that start with the letter Z are zucchini, ziti, zest and zander. Zucchini is a fast growing summer squash with soft, edible skin. Zest is the grated outer peel of citrus fruits. Ziti is a tube-shaped pasta th... More »

Musical instruments that begin with the letter Z include the zampoña reed pipe, the zampogna (Italian bagpipe) and the Turkish zurna. The term zither also describes a family of European stringed instruments. More »