No animals live permanently in Antarctica; animals that live in the sea around Antarctica include fish, krill, penguins and a variety of seals. Most of these animals live permanently in the water because the land is too ... More »

Some common animals found in the Antarctic are several species of penguins, several seal species and multiple types of birds. Several types of marine life thrive in the waters of the Antarctic, including krill, whales an... More » Science Biology Zoology

People like to visit Antarctica because it is one of the most unusual places in the world. Everyone who visits Antarctica goes as either a tourist or a scientist, making it one of the least disturbed places in the world. More »

Penguins live in Antarctica because they are especially adapted to the cold through their unique feathers, small feet and circulatory system. For instance, one of the species that lives in Antarctica, the emperor penguin... More »

Many animals live at the North Pole, commonly referred to as the Arctic region, including arctic foxes, arctic hares, Alaskan malamutes, polar bears, seals and beluga whales. Some animals live closer to the bottom of the... More »

Leopard seals, as the only species of seal to prey on warm-blooded animals, eat penguins and smaller seals in addition to a more conventional diet of fish and squid. Leopard seals grow to nearly 12 feet in length and can... More »

Animals that live in the polar regions include penguins, seals, bears, sea lions and walruses. There are two polar regions near the North and South poles, located at the northernmost and southernmost parts of the Earth. ... More »