Animals make sounds with their bodies and with objects, such as when a coyote howls, when a bird chirps, when a cat purrs, or when an alligator roars and smacks the water with its head. Animals make sounds for the same r... More » Science Biology Zoology

Find WAVs of animal sounds at sites such as Cornell’s Macauly Library and Freesound. Both sites offer large selections of high quality audio animal sounds that users can stream and download. More » Technology Internet & Networking

The sound of the blue whale, which measures 188 decibels and travels up to 500 miles, is the loudest among all animals, according to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. On land, the loudest animal sound comes from ... More » Science Biology Zoology
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Some common kitten sounds include meows, purrs, chirps and trills. Meowing is actually much more common in kittens, and adult cats do not meow at each other in the same way that kittens meow for their mother. More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

Learn to call animals by listening to the sounds they make and then trying to replicate the sounds using your mouth. If you cannot make a good imitation of the animal sound using your mouth, try building or buying a call... More » Science Biology Zoology

Ovoviviparous animals produce eggs that are fertilized and hatched inside their bodies rather than expelled. Certain types of insects, reptiles and fish give birth to live young in this way. More » Science Biology Zoology

Hydra are relatively simple animals without respiratory systems that perform gas exchange wherever their bodies are in contact with water, distributing it through their tissues by simple diffusion. They have only two lay... More » Science Biology Zoology