The scientific name for the red panda is Ailurus fulgens. The red panda resembles a raccoon with reddish fur. Although red pandas are placed in the order Carnivora, they are generally herbivorous and feed mainly on bambo... More » Science Biology Zoology

Fully grown red pandas are preyed on by clouded leopards and snow leopards, while smaller red panda cubs are hunted by hawks, owls and other birds. The main predators of red pandas are humans, which sometimes still hunt ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Pandas

The primary reason that red pandas are endangered is the destruction of their native habitat. Red pandas require bamboo for food and forests for sleeping and hiding places. Unfortunately, many of the forests in the easte... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Pandas
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The scientific name for all types of ants is formicidae. This represents what scientists and researchers call the family name for ants. Ants classify in the order hymenoptera, which also includes bees and wasps. More » Science Biology Zoology

Scyphozoa is the scientific name of the true jellyfish. They are in the Animalia kingdom, the Cnidaria phylum and the Medusozoa subphylum. Other similar organisms are classified as Hydrozoa and Cubozoa. More » Science Biology Zoology

The scientific name for humans is Homo sapiens. It is thought that this species of human descended from Homo heidelbergensis. It is a myth that Homo sapiens descended from Neanderthals, who also share ancestry with Homo ... More » Science Biology Zoology

The roundworm's scientific name is "nematode." Roundworms are tiny and abundant creatures, with more than 15,000 known species, according to the University of California Museum of Paleontology. About 90,000 nematodes hav... More » Science Biology Zoology